Rossi Want to Keep Momentum

Posted: Oktober 26, 2010 in Moto GP, Sport
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Rossi Ingin Jaga Momentum  Estoril – Valentino Rossi is determined to continue the positive trend in the last few series. He was determined to do it by re-picking the victory at Estoril at the weekend.

Rossi recorded as the most successful racer in the history of Estoril, where he has recorded five wins in the primary classroom – one of four in the 500cc and MotoGP classes.

However, Rossi had a bad last season and could only finish in fourth place there. This is the first time in ten visits to MotoGP Portugal where Rossi was able to ascend the podium at all.

“Last year Estoril not be a good path for me, we get a number of problems and I can not on the podium, so this year we will try to change it,” Rossi said as reported by bikeland.

Rossi increasingly vibrant spirit in the pursuit of victory at Estoril because they want to keep the momentum going and finish the season as possible. In the last three series Yamaha rider was the middle looks best displayed with one victory and twice finished in the top three.

“Resurrection is very good for us, three podiums including one win, we are very pleased with our success and also polishing motor with my shoulder condition.”

“Now we go back to Europe and I feel very determined to enjoy the remaining two races and get back to winning again,” said Rossi who now occupy the top four drivers’ standings.
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