Spurs 'hostile' ClattenburgManchester – Tottenham Hotspur again failed to beat Manchester United after a 0-2 at Old Trafford bent. Kubu The Lilywhites agree that Mark Clattenburg deserve their “hostile”.

Clattenburg is the referee who led the match on Saturday (30/10/2010) evening. He made the controversial decision to authorize Nani scored on 84 minutes.

The decision was awaken old wounds Spurs on the same figure five years ago. In January 2005, in the face of Manchester United is also in the same stadium, Clattenburg did not declare a goal of incidents in 89 minutes!

At that time the Spurs midfielder Pedro Mendes shot from the middle of the field of speculation. Goalkeeper Roy Carroll is still able to catch the ball but later released. The round leather rolling into the goal, far over the line before Carroll driven out. And Clattenburg did not see it as a goal. Spurs are still ok, resist host the series 0-0.

“Look deh reaction (Darren) Fletcher. He’s even been told Nani back into position to defend,” lamented the Spurs manager, Harry Redknapp, the latest controversy, as published official club website.

Clattenburg (36), the other is an expert electrical work, has sparked another controversy on October 20, 2007, in the Merseyside derby. From some questionable decisions, one of which is when he drove Tony Hibbert Everton player since “influenced” Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard.

At first he is merely giving a yellow card on Hibbert, but after approachable and “chat” with Gerrard, he instantly turned it into a red card.

Next he was cast out Dirk Kuyt as too high lift his feet as “attacking” Phil Neville. Top of the controversy is a penalty claim rejected when Clattenburg Everton in the third minute of injury time, after Jamie Carragher dropped Joleon Lescott in the box forbidden. At that time Liverpool was leading 2-1.

From the game Clattenburg convicted of leading the match suspension next week, and never again was given the task of the party umpire involving Everton.

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