Lorenzo: The fruit of patience!Estoril – Jorge Lorenzo had pessimistically claims related to his chances of winning the Grand Prix of Portugal on Sunday (31/10/2010). However, thanks to his patience, Fiat Yamaha’s flagship racer is managed to outperform his team mate Valentino Rossi and kembaki first podium at Estoril for the third time in succession.

Lorenzo opportunity to record a hat trick victory at Estoril really had faded as he scattered on the order of two, losing to Rossi who appear ciamik early in the race. The Doctor even had time to show the signal would easily come out as champions after nearly two seconds ahead of Lorenzo in second place.

However, slowly but surely, Lorenzo began to show his class as a new world champion. Spanish young drivers continue to cut the distance catch, before finally turning to surpass Rossi and touched the finish line first with approximately eight seconds advantage of nine-times world champion.

In response to his success this time, Lorenzo was surprised. Because, he claimed had confessed pessimist can catch Rossi who was well ahead of him.

“In the beginning, I thought ‘okay this time the race will be very difficult,” he said. “Vale has extraordinary speed and he managed to lead far enough. So, I just have the patience to wait for opportunities, while continuing to try to increase speed and improve the record time on each lap.


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