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Milan duo fight BaleMILAN – hot issue in the transfer market. Two teams from Milan now scrambling signature Gareth Bale.

AC Milan and Inter Milan are equally attracted to the appearance of Bale. Tottenham Hotspur players lately it was rising, especially after scoring a hat trick in the Champions League stage.

Reportedly Tuttomercato, Tuesday (10/26/2010) Milan duo touted already intense approach to the Spurs. They wanted to quickly bring the young star from Wales.

Bale himself is still binding contract until 2014. In addition, the Lilywhites also had to sign with the price reached 30 million euros.

Not yet known whether both agreed terms given the Spurs. What is clear in addition to those still there are some parties who are also eager to Bale, ie, Juventus, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United.